CloudBuy partners with DUC Consulting International

Its presence in the Middle East.It has signed a partnership deal with DUC Consulting International, an information technology consultancy practice that has a strong network of contacts across the Middle East and North Africa. "With the DUC Consulting International partnership, we can quickly expand cloudBuy operations throughout the Middle East meeting prospects from large corporate, governments and industry organisations, which will follow up our activities with UKTI and Visa," said Ronald Duncan, chairman of cloudBuy. Dr Usman Zafar, chief executive officer of DUC Consulting, said the deal represented an important addition to the portfolio of products DUC represents.

cloudBuy, formerly @UK, is the world's leading transactional Cloud Platform. cloudBuy has used the platform to build the world leading B2B ecommerce and eprocurement applications which address the full range of buying and selling activities, in an easy to use web and mobile experience. Along with other cloud based applications including Content Management, email and big data analysis. The applications have already managed over $ 500 billion of spend and are being used by leading organisations around the world to deliver savings and improved services. The applications are unique in delivering correct pricing in the complex world of B2B whilst being easy enough to use that the people with difficulties can use the system to buy their own social and health care.