Inspirational Leadership for Government

Inspirational Leadership for Government Workshop


Course Code : BS-011

Workshop : Training

Duration: 2 Days 26 - 27 November, 2012

Day 1: BEING RIGHT & Color Brain

·         Introduction & pre-survey

·         Being Right

o   Being a Hero vs. being a Villain

o   Mapping your implementation (using World of Work Map)

o   The Four Insanities

o   Focus & RAS

·         If we have the same vision, then why can't we achieve it?

o   Why you are Right?

o   Our past shaping our future

o   Impact of Being Right.. BLAME

o   Foundations on Blame psychology

o   No Blame Zone

o   No Lizard Zone

o   Time and the RAS

·        Rules of Engagement – automatic reactions to broken realities

o   Assessing your own Encoded assumptions

o   Cultivating cross reality vision

o   Environment based reactions

o   Personal reactions

o   Reaction affect on organizational effectiveness and success

·        Turning Reaction to Productive Action

o   The psychology of effort

o   The lizard effect

o   Creating a no lizard environment

o   Applications to language

o   Finding and focusing on the common vision

o   Acting intelligently

·         What Lizard Do?

Exercise: Mapping Lizard's action into WOW Map



·         Colored Glasses Syndrome

Exercise: 2 teams A & B to hunt the treasure with colored glasses on their eyes

Exercise: Discover your colored Brain with the CBC cards.

·        The colored Brain insights to stimulate organizational alignment

o   Nurturing Acceptance of multiple perceptions

o   Linking communication to purpose

o   Directing colors to greater synergy

o   Accessing greater Colored competence

o   Using colored brain for more effective leadership

·        Understanding organizational color dynamics and how to influence them

o   The power of colored teams

o   Colored business game

o   Departmental colors

o   Creating colored communication systems

o   Accessing the power of the individual employee for more colored effectiveness

Exercise: T-Shirt Design (involving the same colored team in each group).


·         Organizational Colors

o   The Color of Leadership

o   Colored Brain Leadership Skills in a Hostile Department

o   Directive Feedback for the different Color

o   Colored Decisions about People

o   The Color of teams

o   Effective Colored Team Thinking

o   The Colors of time:

§  Green brain perceptions of time

§  Red brain perceptions of time

§  Blue brain perceptions of time

§  Purple brain perceptions of time

Exercise: Solving problems by getting back to the WOW Map

·         Summery of Day 1 activities and how to implement them



·        Inspired to progress – Personal Competency Development

o   The Pyramid of Commitment, The Psychology of Self, Group and Cause

o   What Transformed Attitude?

o   Leading the Pyramid

o   Communication Influence

o   Circle of Communication resistance

·        Human Driving Forces

o   Using CBC cards to discover driving forces

Exercise: Determining Real Drivers (using CBC cards)

o   The Iceberg of Perception

o   The 8 Human Drivers

Exercise: Ranking your strongest drivers (group effort using CBC cards)

o   Chart of Drivers

·        Needs sucking, the Leadership trap

o   3 laws of motivation

o   The easiest way to de-motivate an individual

o   Affects of need sucking on culture

o   Stopping the need sucking epidemic

o   World of work map

o   Mapping your progress and obstacles

Exercise: Human Drivers Challenge (the whole group forms into team and form a cart on wheels)

o   Emotional Evolution… the ascending Hero

o   Human Drivers Matrix

Exercise: Self Assessment

o   Colors and Driver Hierarchies

o   Using drivers to initiate passion

o   Personal Drivers Clusters

o   Managing Emotional Currency

Exercise: Solving problems by getting back to the WOW Map

·         Summery of Day 2 activities and how to implement them