Material Management System (MMS)

Material Management System (MMS)

Course Code : 108

Workshop : Training

Duration : 3 Days


This course provides information regarding the management of hazardous materials from an organization's point of view. It will cover information required to identify, handle, transport, treat, and dispose of toxic and hazardous substances and waste in compliance with existing laws and regulations. Emergency response planning, industrial hygiene and accident prevention will also be included.


Students will develop the skills to manage hazardous materials and wastes in compliance with regulations to protect human health and the environment as well as to minimize an organization's risks.


This course is quite valuable for the professionals involved in programming and management of material management systems targeting hazardous and waste materials.


Introduction to Hazardous Materials

The student will be familiar with the general principles, terminology, pharmacokinetics, health & toxic effects and dose response relationships of toxicology.

Risk Assessment

The student will become familiar with quantitative risk assessment. The student will be able to assist organizations with due diligence and environmental audits & assessments.

Waste Characterization & Analytical Methods

The student will be able to manage hazardous materials and substances including their sampling and analysis. The student will be familiar with hazardous material recovery, treatment & disposal methods.

Transportation of Hazardous materials

The student will be familiar with spill prevention & containment methods and be able to develop & coordinate Emergency Response plans.

Contaminated Sites

The student will be familiar with the various types of contaminants found in groudwater, soil, and air. The methods used in both groundwater and soil assessment & remediation will be discussed. These methods will include physico-chemical processes, biological methods, stabilization & solidification, and thermal methods.

Chemical Hazards

The student will be familiar with a number of different hazardous materials common in the workplace including toxic heavy metals, asbestos, dioxins, furans, PCB’s & PAH’s.

Management Issues

The student will have an understanding of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and certification under ISO 14000 criteria including pollution prevention, life cycle analysis, etc.

Environmental Regulations/Compliance

Studentswill comprehend and interpret local, provincial, and federal regulations.