Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Advanced

Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Advanced

Course Code : 008

Workshop : Training

Duration :


After completing this course, you should be able to learn:

  • Network Security
  • Firewall Technologies and Cisco PIX Firewall
  • System Maintenance
  • Configuring Access
  • PIX Device Manager
  • Virtual Private Network


This exam includes simulations and tests a candidate's knowledge and ability to describe, configure, verify and manage the PIX Firewall product family.


This course is valuable for anyone involve in securing the Cisco Networks.


1. Cisco PIX Firewall Technology and Features

• Firewalls

• PIX Firewall models

2. Cisco PIX Firewall Family

• PIX Firewall models

• PIX services module

• PIX Firewall licensing

3. Getting Started with the Cisco PIX Firewall

• User interface

• Examining the PIX Firewall status

• ASA security levels

• Basic PIX Firewall configuration

• Syslog configuration

• DHCP server configuration

• PPPoE and the PIX Firewall

Translations and Connections

• Transport Protocols

• Network Address Translation

• Configuring DNS Support

• Port Address Translations

4. Access Control Lists and Content Filtering


• Converting Conduits to ACLS

• Using ACLS

5. Object Grouping

• Overview of object grouping

• Getting started with object groups

• Configuring object groups

• Nested object groups

6. Advanced Protocol Handling

• Advanced protocols

• Multimedia support

7. Attack Guards, Intrusion Detection, and Shunning

• Attack guards

• Intrusion detection

8. Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting

• Introduction

• Installation of CSACS for Windows NT

• Authentication configuration

• Downloadable ACLS

9. Failover

• Understanding failover

• Serial failover configuration

• LAN-based failover configuration

10. Virtual Private Networks

• PIX Firewall enables a secure VPN

• Prepare to configure VPN support

• Configure IKE parameter

• Configure IPSec parameters

• Test and verify VPN configuration

• Cisco VPN Client

• Scale PIX Firewall VPNs

11. System Maintenance

•Remote access

•Command authorization

12. Cisco PIX Device Manager

•PDM overview

•Prepare for PDM

•Using PDM to configure the PIX Firewall

•Using PDM to create a site-to-site VPN

•Using PDM to create a remote access VPN

13. Enterprise PIX Firewall Management

•Configuring access and translation rules

•Reporting, tools, and administration

14. Enterprise PIX Firewall Maintenance

•Introduction to the auto update server

•PIX Firewall and AUS communication settings

•Devices, images, and assignments

•Reports and administration

15. Firewall Services Module

•FWSM overview

•Using PDM with the FWSM