Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

Course Code : B009

Workshop : Training

Duration : 2 days Training Course


Leadership is a year long social science In Leadership, students have the opportunity to learn the basic concepts of leadership skills, parliamentary procedures, group processes, organization and planning.

This course studies three levels of leadership: the individual, the team, and the organization. It is designed to expose students to a variety of leadership perspectives and practices in order to enhance individual development and effectiveness as a leader. We will focus on a repertoire of practical and theoretical leadership principles. We will examine historic and contemporary organizational leaders and their complex roles in managing organizational issues. However, “thinking good ideas about leadership does not necessarily result in doing good leadership”

By the end of this class you should:

  1. Use various styles of leadership and determine what type of leadership behavior is appropriate for the situation.
  2. Know the basics of the "science" of human motivation including the theories of McGregor and Hertzberg.
  3. Be able to apply basic management skills, ideas and principles that will be allow you to function more efficiently as a construction supervisor.
  4. Be able to lead by setting goals, by communicating openly and by setting a good example.
  5. Be able to coach your workers to obtain the desired results.
  6. Be able to get commitment from your workers and maintain control of your work crews


· To understand the main conceptual approaches to organizational leadership, and their strengths and weaknesses,

· To understand the key principles and practices of leadership in order to improve leadership skills,

· To be able to apply organizational leadership concepts through critical thinking,

· To be able to evaluate the effectiveness of particular organizational leadership styles.


The course is beneficial for all the professionals at any level of organizational hierarchy who are leading or managing others or a group of people.


Introduction to Leadership

A. Introduction

B. Approaches to Leadership

Focus on Self

C. Consciousness of Self

D. Building the Foundation

E. Congruence: Personal Values, Skills & Leadership

F. Commitment and Passion

Focus on Group

G. Collaboration and Communication

H. Meaning Making and Community Building

I. Coming to Shared Vision

J. Facilitating Groups

K. Leadership and Change

L. Working with Groups

M. Controversy with Civility

Focus on Society

N. Citizenship

O. Critical Components of Leadership