Leadership & Team Building

Leadership & Team Building

Course Code : B008

Workshop : Training

Duration : 2 days Training Course


Transform your workgroup into a true team--cooperative, productive, and motivated. Learn the techniques used by the most successful team leaders. It provides students with an opportunity to increase their understanding of leadership theory, examine how attitudes about themselves and others influence leadership behavior, and stimulates the development of new skills through demonstration and practice. After completing this course, the students should be able to:

  • Increase awareness of personal/professional effectiveness relative to working in groups;
  • Increase ability to see collaborative nature of leadership; and
  • Increase knowledge of leadership techniques and theories;
  • Apply new knowledge and skills to make decisions in work on the campus and in the community; and
  • Develop a plan for personal improvement relative to leadership skills.


  • Master leadership skills
  • Understand the nature of conflict

· Create a workplace that supports and encourages teamwork and


All the professionals at every level of organizational hierarchy who are working as a team either for overall business objectives or for a specific project assigned with.


A. Theory and Concept of Leadership

    • Building the Foundation
    • Leadership in the University Community
    • Leadership in Culture, Society and Community

B. Personal Skills Development for Leadership/ Individual Values

    • Personal Values and Skills
    • Communication and Leadership
    • Building Community
    • From Personal to Shared Vision
    • Leadership Styles
    • Leadership and Ethics

C. Group Dynamics of Leadership/ Group Process Values

    • Group Theory and Team Building
    • Group Problem-Solving
    • Making Decisions

D. A Personal Leadership Agenda/ Community-Societal Values

    • Your Personal Philosophy of Leadership
    • The Critical Components of Quality Leadership