Creativity & Innovation

Creativity & Innovation

Course Code : B005

Workshop : Training

Duration : 2 days Training Course


This course is designed to assist individuals and organisations to create and innovate, to generate new ideas that enable them to survive and prosper in today’s highly volatile and competitive business environment and contribute to securing future success.

It provides examples of successful companies who have achieved outstanding results through innovative approaches and incorporates exercises that encourage those attending to apply the thinking, tools and techniques discussed to their own specific organisations.


The course teaches methods for stimulating creative thinking and provides tools and techniques for generating new ideas.


Anyone who has a desire to develop their own creative thinking abilities and wishes to create a climate of creativity and innovation in their organization.


Facing the challenges of change:

Risk and opportunity in an age of discontinuity.

Strategic innovation:

What is it and how do you create it? Innovating to create competitive advantage.

Coming up with new ideas:

Tips and techniques for improving your personal creativity.

Building a culture of innovation:

Demanding, demonstrating and fostering innovation and creativity in your organisation.

Learning from the leaders:

Some leading innovative companies: What they have achieved and how they achieved it.

Specific tools and methods for solving problems, overcoming obstacles and generating new ideas. Explanations and examples of morphological analysis, mind mapping, psycho-synthesis, brainstorming , force field analysis and other proven techniques.