Content Management Best Practices Workshop

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]init[ in Collaboration with DUC Consulting International presents a 2 day intensive workshop entitled “ Content Management Best Practices Workshop: Building Successful Online Presence for Government Entities ” on August 21 and 22, 2013 in Dubai. The workshop is open for content professionals and eGovernment practitioners from the UAE and across GCC.

Course Profile

]init[ in Collaboration with DUC Consulting International offers you a 2 day intensive workshop that lets you gain insight into different aspects of content management for government entities. The workshop helps you explore the steps to a successful online presence from analysis to strategy, from content development to implementation and operation.

Who Should Attend?

  • eGovernment and eService Leaders
  • Government Press/Information Officers and Media Relations Officers
  • Public Project Managers and Consultants
  • Online Editors and Content Managers
  • Online Professionals
  • Technical Support Managers

Key questions addressed:

  • How to address key challenges like content ownership, editorial workflow, content editing and managing customer feedback?
  • Who is and who should be responsible for content management in your organization?
  • How to establish a process centric in-house editorial office to manage your website content?
  • Who is editing bilingual high quality content for your website?
  • How to take an advantage of valuable customer feedback?

Benefits of the workshop

  • Promote your institutional achievements and leverage public eServices with effective content on your website.
  • Bring life to your website with up-to-date content and engage your audience.
  • Learn how to develop an effective online communication strategy for your government website.
  • Discover the variety of content management goals, tools and procedures in order to guarantee state-of-the-art online communication.
  • Gain insight into the management of an editorial office and how the setup and workflows support your content production.

Course Modules

  • Content Strategy and Concept: It deals with the essentials of a target-group compliant content management in terms of defining goals and developing a Strategy.
  • Content Management has Many Faces: It covers different aspects of content management from assessment, planning and standardization to placement, presentation and syndication, and to content development and production.
  • Editorial Offices: It deals with on-site content management and helps you understand the process of setting up an editorial office with clearly defined workflows that support your content production.
  • Accessibility Opens Doors: It provides you with an insight into the topic of accessibility including benefits of accessibility strategies, requirements and elements of accessibility and accessibility standards.
  • Assess Your Website: It provides you with practical guidelines for website assessment and engage you in an interactive discussion where you will learn best practices for websites or you can put your own website for analysis.

On the successful completion of the course, you will:

  • Have established a clear understanding of a content management concept.
  • Have gained insight into procedures, innovative tools and strategies to promote content effectively.
  • Have understood the roles and skills of editorial team members in a well organized editorial office.


Registration is now open for the next session of the workshop which will be held on August 21 and 22, 2013 Dubai. For registration and enquiry, please contact before August 18, 2013.

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Note: For your convenience, the workshops can be held as an in-house training session at your premises.
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Inspirational Leadership for Government

Inspirational Leadership for Government Workshop


Course Code : BS-011

Workshop : Training

Duration: 2 Days 26 - 27 November, 2012

Day 1: BEING RIGHT & Color Brain

·         Introduction & pre-survey

·         Being Right

o   Being a Hero vs. being a Villain

o   Mapping your implementation (using World of Work Map)

o   The Four Insanities

o   Focus & RAS

·         If we have the same vision, then why can't we achieve it?

o   Why you are Right?

o   Our past shaping our future

o   Impact of Being Right.. BLAME

o   Foundations on Blame psychology

o   No Blame Zone

o   No Lizard Zone

o   Time and the RAS

·        Rules of Engagement – automatic reactions to broken realities

o   Assessing your own Encoded assumptions

o   Cultivating cross reality vision

o   Environment based reactions

o   Personal reactions

o   Reaction affect on organizational effectiveness and success

·        Turning Reaction to Productive Action

o   The psychology of effort

o   The lizard effect

o   Creating a no lizard environment

o   Applications to language

o   Finding and focusing on the common vision

o   Acting intelligently

·         What Lizard Do?

Exercise: Mapping Lizard's action into WOW Map



·         Colored Glasses Syndrome

Exercise: 2 teams A & B to hunt the treasure with colored glasses on their eyes

Exercise: Discover your colored Brain with the CBC cards.

·        The colored Brain insights to stimulate organizational alignment

o   Nurturing Acceptance of multiple perceptions

o   Linking communication to purpose

o   Directing colors to greater synergy

o   Accessing greater Colored competence

o   Using colored brain for more effective leadership

·        Understanding organizational color dynamics and how to influence them

o   The power of colored teams

o   Colored business game

o   Departmental colors

o   Creating colored communication systems

o   Accessing the power of the individual employee for more colored effectiveness

Exercise: T-Shirt Design (involving the same colored team in each group).


·         Organizational Colors

o   The Color of Leadership

o   Colored Brain Leadership Skills in a Hostile Department

o   Directive Feedback for the different Color

o   Colored Decisions about People

o   The Color of teams

o   Effective Colored Team Thinking

o   The Colors of time:

§  Green brain perceptions of time

§  Red brain perceptions of time

§  Blue brain perceptions of time

§  Purple brain perceptions of time

Exercise: Solving problems by getting back to the WOW Map

·         Summery of Day 1 activities and how to implement them



·        Inspired to progress – Personal Competency Development

o   The Pyramid of Commitment, The Psychology of Self, Group and Cause

o   What Transformed Attitude?

o   Leading the Pyramid

o   Communication Influence

o   Circle of Communication resistance

·        Human Driving Forces

o   Using CBC cards to discover driving forces

Exercise: Determining Real Drivers (using CBC cards)

o   The Iceberg of Perception

o   The 8 Human Drivers

Exercise: Ranking your strongest drivers (group effort using CBC cards)

o   Chart of Drivers

·        Needs sucking, the Leadership trap

o   3 laws of motivation

o   The easiest way to de-motivate an individual

o   Affects of need sucking on culture

o   Stopping the need sucking epidemic

o   World of work map

o   Mapping your progress and obstacles

Exercise: Human Drivers Challenge (the whole group forms into team and form a cart on wheels)

o   Emotional Evolution… the ascending Hero

o   Human Drivers Matrix

Exercise: Self Assessment

o   Colors and Driver Hierarchies

o   Using drivers to initiate passion

o   Personal Drivers Clusters

o   Managing Emotional Currency

Exercise: Solving problems by getting back to the WOW Map

·         Summery of Day 2 activities and how to implement them