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Our Services

DUC Consulting International is an innovative consultancy skilled in providing expert advice, coaching and business services to companies of all sizes and Industry sectors considering expansion plans for emerging markets; Middle East, North Africa, Central Europe and China

  • C Level Board Advisory Services for Large Corporate to expand their Market Reach
  • Strategic IT Consulting Services for Public Sector in the MENA Region
  • High End Active Learning & Coaching Solutions for both public & private organizations
  • Going to be the leaders in providing Social Media Consulting & Implementation Services across all sectors
  • Business Health Check and Business Effectiveness
  • Review and analysis of Indirect Channels to market, enablement programs and synergistic matches to partner portfolio of products and solution
  • Audited sales and marketing effectiveness: Accessing and recommending effective models for resources, processes and systems, pinpointing crucial areas for improvement.
  • Sales Practices: Developed improved sales practices that provide accuracy and transparency to sales pipeline generation and sales forecasting

DUC Consulting aim to align the company’s resource skill mix to the business objectives of the business through specifically designed programs to match the objective and strategy for the business. Providing opportunities for the employees to gain Knowledge, Skill and Expertise in a controlled environment will raise their commitment, create an innovative and dynamic culture that will become creative and aid in meeting the business objectives and impact the profitability of the business.

DUC Consulting are skillful in adding quality expertise to your existing business cycles raising customer satisfaction, retention of services and expanding business relations with your clients

IT Consulting Services: Reviewing of enterprise IT systems, developing and recommending changes necessary to support of business operations in order to improve cost effectiveness, increase productivity, service quality and meet business objectives and strategies.

Conference Organizing Services: Arranging and negotiating suitable logistic and conference facilities to address targeted audiences and provide the required facilities to maximize the business focus and meet the business objective.