cloudBuy provides solutions for buyers and sellers and brings them together to trade via online marketplaces and private purchasing portals. cloudBuy solutions for buyers help B2B purchasers understand and control their spend, to reduce costs and increase value.

The cloudSell solutions enable sellers of all sizes, from start-ups to corporates, reach new customers and grow their business. Their technology platform powers web sites, public marketplaces and private purchasing portals that enable all types of online interactions and relationships including, citizen and business to government; consumer to business; and business to business.


eMarketplace, Website Building, eProcurement, Company Formations, Carbon Foot printing, Spend Analysis, e-Commerce, ecommerce, Purchasing Portals, Solutions for Buyers, Solutions for Sellers

True to our vision:

The cloudBuy marketplace has remained true to this vision. The technology has continued to develop to support our community of buyers and sellers – ensuring everything they buy and sell is at the correct price and that they have a real eCommerce experience when they use our solutions. Initially cloudBuy’s buy-side customers were innovators and pathfinders who took the ‘brave’ step of allowing their suppliers to manage their own content and pricing.

They quickly discovered that it was much more time and cost-effective to validate and publish correct content, than load catalogs and chase down mismatched purchase orders and invoices.

An exciting global network

Over time, CloudBuy’s community of buyers has grown and, increasingly, our network has become global. More exciting, our vision has been validated. When they make a purchase, our customers routinely expect to receive the same service at work as they do at home – and can point to the savings they have made through the process.