Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics are important tools for any social media campaign or social media users. This

Social Media Toolset

can be used to measure conversation, engagement, sentiment, influence and other Social Media specific attributes. Social Media Analytics tools, also known as

Social Media Analysis Tools

are used to monitor conversations on blogs, social networks, video views, ratings, and favorites on video sharing networks, and an array of other activities in other Social Mediadestinations. The main uses for social media analytics tools are for

Social Media Brand Monitoring

and brand audits to provide insightful information for brands looking to participate in social media and already in the space

How will we do it?

Once you have established your social media presence, the next thing is how to use it?

To know what is happening around social media, you need to discover conversations and activities in real time. You have to analyze and measure trends; know the geographical and demographical information of the users and evaluate the positive and negative opinions that are displaying in social sites.

Some really nice tools and services are available to enhance your experience of social media monitoring and analytics. Here are the finest of them-

Tools and Services


Radian6 gives a good platform of engaging with your customers. It helps you to listen to your customers, measuring the influence of their talks and monitoring buzz.


Addictomatic, as interesting service as their tagline that says, ‘inhale the web’. Just type any topic and hit enter key, you will find a single page displaying results about what people on various sites like Twitter, Bing, Google, Youtube, Digg, Friendfeed and more,  are talking about that specific topic.

Tweet Deck

TweetDeck is a powerful tool to synchronize your social accounts to your desktop. It uses Adobe AIR to give you a desktop interface. You don’t need to open your browser again to be in touch with your social media. It supports multiple social accounts including Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Foursquare and Google buzz.