Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy and Content Development

How to plan a content strategy ?

Content is at the heart of an effective web presence. More importantly, if you want social media presence to have the optimal impact, you should have a clear Social media Strategy backed by sound contact that has to be compelling, up to date and relevant as this is what attracts users and keeps them on your site. It doesn’t matter if it's text or video, product reviews or travel guides – if your content isn’t right then your customers simply won’t engage with it in the way you hope.

Indeed, with the rise of search and, more recently, social media marketing, content is King now and is the single most important factor in your social media presence. Its great content that gets you linked to and thus drives your search equity while Standout content is what makes consumers share your assets on the social web. These new drivers put an extra weight on content – whereas once it was just a set of assets for consumer consumption, it’s now also part of a complex marketing ecosystem.

Duc Consulting’s Content team have developed our latest eBook, 'How to get maximum out of your content strategy' to outline the key features of this crucial element of the marketing mix on the social web and how brands can create compelling and useful content that users will love to share and refer to their contact across different social media platforms.

e and refer to their contact across different social media platforms.