E government

E-Government Strategy and Implementation

Course Code : eGov-001

Workshop : Training

Duration : 2 days Training Course

Programme Overview

This course introduces the context of E-government and its application in Public Sector Reform and improved service delivery. It will examine the use of government information as it relates to government practice and planning (records and information management), transparency, access to this information and collection of public data. The course will also focus on public sector image building using international standards, including necessary structures required for effective E-governance.

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for government officials and representatives.

Benefits of Attending

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

· Identify the use of E-government in improving public service delivery

· Develop strategies in implementing E-government in local and central authorities

· Offer direction in planning accessible web portals and the dissemination of information to the international community

· Manage the process of developing a strong E-government presence and improving public procedures

Course Program

E-Government and the Public Sector

· Introduction to E-Government

· Strategic Investment

· Identifying Relevant Criteria/Process Considerations

· Stakeholders Analysis

· Leadership and Change

E-Government Implementation

· E-Government Concepts

· Government-to-Government

· Government-to-Business

· Government-to-Citizen

Designing and Implementing E-Government

· Presence

· Interaction

· Transaction

· Transformation

Records Management

· Records, Data and Information

· Records and Records Management Overview

· Benefits of a Records Management System

· Records as a Vital Resource

· Symptoms of Inefficiency & Business Impact of Poor RM

· Management Information Systems & Data Management

· Case Study/ Group Work

Freedom of Information - achieving open and transparent government

Legislation Principles and Concepts

· Challenges to Successfully Implementing FOI Legislation

· Short DVD - Electronic based Government in the Electronic age

Conceptual Framework

· The Concept of Democracy and how E Governments contributes to the democratic process

· Transparency

· Accountability


· Studying the Limits of E Government

· Politics and Polarization

· Letting a Thousand Flowers bloom

· Plurality

· Successful websites

· GCC e-Government Success Stories

Enabling Environment for E-Government

· Computerisation: Personnel and Infrastructure

· Freedom of Information and Transparency

· E-Government and World Governments

· Developed World Perspectives & Cases

· Developing Countries & Cases

Challenges to E-Government

· Computer Security

· Privacy

· Disparities in Computer Access

· Government ICT funding

Building a Case for E-Government:

· Cost-Benefit Principles for IT projects

· New & Improved Services

· Increased Citizen Participation

· Improved Information Infrastructure