Utilising Mobile Technologies


Mobile technologies and service open undreamt of possibilities, especially in the field of public service provision . Public services need to keep pace with this trend ,says Dr.Usman Zafar , Country Manager Middle East, ]init[ Middle East .

Information Search, communication, and transaction processes are becoming much more efficient with the help of mobile services New forms of information brokering and interaction are emerging within public administration , And between citizens and public administration , amplified by the benefits of mobile communication in other areas such as business , learning and socializing .

When His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum vice president of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai ordered amending the name of Dubai e-Government to Dubai Smart- Government at the and of June he paved the way for a whole new chapter in public service provision by fully embracing the benefits of mobile government . As he pointed out in may when launching the government initiative : The government of the future works 24/7 and 365 days a year . It is as hospitable as hotels fast in delivering and strong in its procedures.

With about 14 million active mobile phone contracts – nearly two per person – and low-cost internet , the UAE offers ideal conditions to maximize convenience for citizens and secure a position at the forefront of innovative government on a global scale.

forms, such as calling government contact centres, sending an SMS or MMS to find out atus of applications, bring- ing an incident or issue to the attention of relevant departments, or completing a government transaction. Other forms of G2C in- teraction involving mobile phones include electronic payment of public service fees and utility bills, and providing information and advice for various target groups. Here are five ways in which mobile technologies can be uti- lised in the public sector and complex administration services can be transferred to the mobile internet.

Mobile Crowd Sourcing

Nowadays citizens like to partici- pate in shaping their environment by using modern technolo- gies more than ever. Geo-based services for idea and complaint management are just one example of this. A mobile app, with which administrations and citizens can work together to solve problems and implement good ideas, could help authorities to get things done. Apps, with which for example a newly discov- ered pothole can be photographed and sent directly to the re- sponsible public authority (without media breaks), are a good and cost-effective example for the potential of service-oriented administration of tomon

Mobile Crisis Communication

Free push notifications in- form millions of citizens about sports results or breaking news on their smartphones in real time. This smartphone feature, on their smartphones in real time. This smartphone feature, which is used frequently in the private and entertainment.

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