About Us

About Us

DUC International Consulting is an innovative consultancy skilled in providing expert advice, training and coaching services through its cutting edge high level ICT training budgets and business services to companies of all sizes and sectors considering expansion plans for emerging markets like the Middle East, North Africa, Central Europe and China. The company has particular experience in the IT fast moving high technology sectors and innovative products and service areas. Our aim is to enable our clients to expand operations and gain market presence, reducing risks and accelerating sales rapidly in regional and international markets.

We are market leaders since the past 20 years in developing tailor made solutions for organizations looking to retain the business control, yet need outside expertise or additional manpower to achieve measurable success while keeping in mind our client needs, their corporate culture and overall strategic objectives.

We have continually, through our team of experts, developed various knowledge initiatives and have strived to bring out the latest information on global trends and best practices, benefiting Government, Business, management, and the ICT industry in the region. In era of massive competition and globalization, our training workshops are designed to cater to the development needs of senior executives, decision makers, and play a pivotal role in developing the next generation of Leaders.

Our services are leading the way in diverse industries, from healthcare and education to ICT, financials and FMCG, and in diverse areas, from sustainability to regulation and compliance. We are the region’s leading knowledge provider for strategic planning solutions and have been a key driver of innovation in the training & consultancy industry.

We work closely with all of our clients and are known for bringing the personal touch to every training program we organize. Our success has been built on our ability to apply great customer service whilst delivering the latest creative ideas and technology in events.

Our services are presented through comprehensive marketing campaigns and help clients in maximizing their profitability and promoting their business. Our experience and organizational skills, which are valued by Top Government & Business organizations both regionally & globally, have made us the undisputed choice.